Counsel Steeped in Practice

Vision Philanthropy Group is a full-service philanthropic consulting firm. We partner with mission driven institutions to achieve strategic, high impact philanthropy. Our fundraising and communications consulting team brings deep experience in leading and managing high performing philanthropy programs to our clients.  Our counsel is steeped in knowledge and decades of hands-on experiences and work with influential philanthropists, Boards, small and large institutional advancement staffs, and innovative leaders.

We bring practical, yet innovative solutions and coaching to our clients to help them achieve the results they need for today and the future. 


With our counsel, Massachusetts Eye and Ear has met their annual fundraising goal for the second year in a row!

Vision Philanthropy Group was excited to present "The Art of Bold Asking:  Preparing Your Board, Hospital Leaders and Physicians to be Effective Askers" at this year's AHP Big Ideas Conference in New Orleans on June 26, 2014, alongside our partners from Williamson Medical Center. One participant wrote us and stated, "The materials and the speakers were all superb!"