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Vision Philanthropy Group is a full-service philanthropic consulting firm. We partner with mission driven institutions to achieve strategic, high impact philanthropy. Our fundraising and communications consulting team brings deep experience in leading and managing high performing philanthropy programs to our clients.  Our counsel is steeped in knowledge and decades of hands-on experiences and work with influential philanthropists, Boards, small and large institutional advancement staffs, and innovative leaders.

We bring practical, yet innovative solutions and coaching to our clients to help them achieve the results they need for today and the future. 


Susan Holt, President, VPG, joins the Planned Giving Council of Middle Tennessee Board!

Our latest the art of Bold Asking blog post is live!  Pitching or Listening: What’s Your Style?  If you’ve been involved in fundraising for a while, whether as a volunteer or staff, you’ve learned just how important it is to tell the story of your organization and its impact.  If you’ve done your homework really well, you’re able to talk about the institution’s vision, its history, its impact on your community or even the world. And, you’ve probably got lots of facts and figures memorized and even internalized. Read more...

We are honored to have been selected to present with our client-partner, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, at the 2016 AHP Annual International Conference in Chicago! Our presentation time will be Friday, October 28th, from 3:45 - 5:00pm.  We hope to see you there! 

Session Title:  Creating million dollar gifts and a new era of philanthropy with physician partners

Session Description:  When Mass. Eye and Ear, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, began its $100 million campaign, few $1 million gifts had been received.  We identified three major objectives to tackle during the campaign's quiet phase: creating physician partners, enhancing volunteer engagement with development staff and physicians, and building the donor pipeline. Four years later, 29 donors have become "Campaign Founding Partners" by committing gifts of $1 - $5 million. This benchmark has brought the institution into a new era of philanthropy. With the goal raised to $200 million, physician partnerships are thriving. This interactive session will share the strategies, communication tactics, successes and hurdles in leveraging our partners to create greater opportunity.

Co-Presenters:  Melissa Paul, Chief Development Officer and Anna Murnane, Campaign Director, Mass. Eye and Ear, with Susan Holt, President, VPG

Bold Asking™ Video Vignette

Orrin Ingram, President and CEO, Ingram Industries, and philanthropist, talks about listening to your prospect in a Bold Asking™ video vignette.